Sedona, my getaway place…

I’m starting to put up photos I have into my Flickr account so thought I’d put up a few from Sedona and give you a link into Flickr to look at the rest of them. I have to warn you, though – there are a lot of rocks!

Path to Bell Rock
I don’t know why I love Sedona so much, but I’m physically pulled to the place and the rocks. I never even knew I liked rocks so much until I went there! I think it’s probably the most beautiful place I’ve ever been to. I like it so much that I’m even thinking of getting a condo there, which means I’ll need to start spending more time there, so another trip might be coming soon. (The photo on the right is Bell Rock – one of my favorite rocks that’s considered to be a very powerful vortex. I love to sit up on the other side of it – the next photo here is the view from my spot on the rock….)
View from my rock

I went a couple times after having meetings in LA – it’s only a 7-hour drive from LA, and once you’re out of the LA traffic nightmare, it’s quite enjoyable. (I cut off the interstate just after crossig into Arizona.) I try to stay at the Sedona Rouge while there – it’s not cheap, but it’s a lovely place and the beds are soooo comfortable. It’s a spa also, and a lot of women go there on their own so I feel comfortable there – and because I’ve stayed several times, I get treated really well.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to spend a little time there in the early part of 2008. It’ll all depend on work stuff – I’m waiting to see if some projects come through. If they do, I might not be able to go – if a big project doesn’t come through, I might try to work from Sedona for a while. We’ll see…..

I have three sets of photos from Sedona up on Flickr – May 2006, November 2006, and September 2007.

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