The Mind Monsters Series

All the books in the 3 volume set all in one place!

Rock Gods & Messy Monsters, Fallen Spirits (upcoming Book 2 in the series), and The Journey Home (tentative title for Book 3) are all part of the Mind Monsters Series.

It’s hard to classify the books, but I’d say they fall under speculative fiction and are a mashup of humorous sci fi, social commentary, satire and absurdism. They’re over-the-top and maybe a little too graphic for some folks, but the message behind the series is that happiness, true happiness and the peace and joy that comes from it, can only come from the inside.

The novels are one character’s journey to finding her authentic self – all through crazy, surreal, fantastical characters, journeys, and experiences.

The only way out is through – find out what happens to Alex Scott as she starts by looking for happiness in all the wrong places.

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