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Rock Gods & Messy Monsters

Rock Gods and Messy Monsters book cover and medallions of awards won


Available at all online retailers – Amazons worldwide, Barnes & Noble, Bookshop.org, Kobo, Apple Books, etc etc!

#1 Amazon Hot New Release in:

  • Absurdist Fiction
  • Pop Culture
  • Pop Culture Music


  • 1st Runner Up, Eric Hoffer Award, Science Fiction & Fantasy 2024
  • Eric Hoffer Award Grand Prize 2024 (Short List Finalist)
  • Da Vinci Eye Award 2024 (Finalist)
  • First Horizon Award 2024 (Finalist)
  • BookBub New Releases for Less (Sept 2022)
  • The Wishing Shelf Awards 2023 (Finalist)
  • Indie BRAG Medallion (Winner)
  • Foreward INDIES 2023 (Finalist)
  • The International Review of Books 2023 (Starred Review)
  • Independent Book Review Top 30 Impressive Books 2022
  • BookBub Most Frequently Wishlisted Book 2022

For a humorous sci fi, absurdist, social commentary, pop culture influenced novel with falling body parts and exploding blood vessels, Rock Gods & Messy Monsters has exceeded all expectations!

A Short Note From Me

Hi! Thanks so much for checking out my site. I’m currently happily immersed in the pages of my next two or three books, so please be patient with my new site.

I’ll get all the pages set up properly over the next few months. As far as my books, Rock Gods & Messy Monsters is out now at all your favorite online retailers.

The second book in the Mind Monsters Series, Fallen Spirits, will be out in 2024. I was originally publishing it in the first half of 2024, but, well, there’s a cliff hanger at the end, and I don’t want upset readers, so I’m trying to get book 3 (which might be 2 books) in at least final edits before publishing Fallen Spirits.

Bottom line – The Fallen Spirits manuscript is done, and the book will be out this year! Sign up for my newsletter if you’d like to stay up to date with progress, publications dates, and much more.

Oh, and if you know me from the healthy food space, you can find out what I’m doing in the department on my Whole Healthy Group website. Thanks!

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The Journey of Finding Yourself

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